Taryn Waters

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I am a middle-aged man who lives and works in the Panorama area of Adelaide. I am looking for the right person to assist me in both my home and out and about in my community. You will work alongside me as I pursue my interests in photography, cooking, travel, […]

Support Worker – Panorama

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Opening homes openinghomes.org.au is a showcase of accessible homes with the goal that “the more people know about the myriad of accessible housing options available, the better positioned they are to choose what’s best for them.” Jocelynne shared her home with Opening Homes to demonstrate the technology that enables her to […]

Opening Homes

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The team at Western Australia’s Individualised Services (WAiS) have produced a fantastic resource called Choosing a Service Provider. It is not a list of service providers. It is a guide to help you to decide what is right for you. It takes you through the steps to get ready and […]

Choosing a Service Provider

Bags of dried fruit lined up. Label by Jocelynne
See how Jocelynne’s home has been designed to meet her accessibility needs, and how getting these things right and knowing her strengths and interests has been the foundation of a great micro enterprise. Watch to the end to see how Jocelynne spends her time when she has a break from […]

What is possible?