Barnsey’s World

After David’s support worker, George, had shared his interest in flying drones with David, David knew he wanted to get one for himself – it was the start of a life-changing series of events.

With George’s encouragement and guidance, David browsed in stores and then researched and purchased online.

“The first time I flew my drone it was the same spot when I tried out George’s drone, because it was a familiar and open area,” said David. “I felt comfortable to fly around and try some of the features of the new drone.”

David is now an accredited Drone operator, has a YouTube channel, and is working on developing a small business selling calendars, canvasses and postcards featuring his photography.

“I had to sit through a test to make sure I knew all the laws and regulations of flying a drone, such as staying a certain height above things and no fly zones”, David recalls. Being a drone pilot is leading to lots of conversation and connection with others.

Screenshot from a YouTube Video. David is wearing dark glasses and speaking to the camera. The Adelaide CIty skyline is behind him.

“I get approached by the general public that ask about the drone or just want to chat. When I was photographing Murals at Port Adelaide, one of the artists of the murals approached me and we shared a bit about each other. I have also been approached by a park ranger who asked me to land the drone because I was flying somewhere I shouldn’t (oops) and he gave me good insight on areas that I can and cannot fly,” David explains.

Assisted through CLPs Community Living Services, David has built a team of workers to support him to engage with like-minded “droners” and photographers and pursue this passion. He’s also building his capacity to manage tasks in his home and connect with his broader community and work towards other life goals such as planning a short holiday and moving into his own home.

See more of David’s work at his YouTube channel “Barnsey’s World” and on Instagram

A picturesque view of a river with a small footbridge and a person fishing. The land around the water is dark green with vegetation. The water is reflecting a dark blue sky.
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