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Three people crouching and reaching to touch leaves of vegetables growing in a backyard.
CLP believes each person with a disability should be included as a valued and contributing member of their community. Our Mission and Values are very much alive, and staff share a common passion for building inclusive lives. Community Living Project doesn’t just provide disability support services, we help create good […]

Our vision and values – video by CLP

dining room, bookshelf, computer at desk
Opening homes is a showcase of accessible homes with the goal that “the more people know about the myriad of accessible housing options available, the better positioned they are to choose what’s best for them.” Jocelynne shared her home with Opening Homes to demonstrate the technology that enables her to […]

Opening Homes

Two adult women and a male in conversations, sitting on chairs in a lounge room with a bookcase behind them
In this film 3 circle facilitators discuss the role of facilitator and what they have learned about facilitating circles effectively. Community Resource Unit Ltc (CRU) created two videos for the National Resource Centre (NRC) for Circles of Support and Microboards (COSAM). This COSAM is a project the Inclusion Designlab and was created through funding […]

The role of the Facilitator – video by CRU

portrait, white male, short grey hair, blue framed glasses, white t-shirt under open collared check shirt
In this video  Circle Members reflect on what it means for them to be invited, included and involved involved in a circle of support. Community Resource Unit Ltc (CRU) created two videos for the National Resource Centre (NRC) for Circles of Support and Microboards (COSAM).  This COSAM is a project […]

Circle members experience – video by CRU