‘Circles’ Methodology for schools – from Inclusive School Communities

Having people in our lives, who care about us and look out for us, are an important resource and can be regarded as our ‘Social Capital’. In many people’s lives, this Social Capital begins to be built where people live and where they go to school.  School is a place where students not only get a formal education but also are members of a community. They learn about relationships through the way that community operates. Arguably this is an essential element in equipping young people for a fulfilling life. The unstructured parts of the school day – the journey in, transits between lessons, recess, lunch, the journey home – are all moments where students build fellowship with each other, forming acquaintanceships and then friendships.  In this way, students are building their Social Capital.

The Inclusive School Communities Project, funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency and led by  JFA Purple Orange has created an introduction to the Circles methodology for school staff. This information will help a school leader determine if a Circle is suitable for a student at their school. School leaders can use the sample methodology under the ‘Actions’ section of the tool to set up and support a Circle.

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