Shred Em – featured on ABC news

“While paperwork can be annoying at the best of times, Adelaide resident Emily West has made paper work for her.”

ABC Adelaide interviewed Emily and her family and put together a story about the conception of her Micro Enterprise business “Shred-Em, and how it lead to a partnership with Zoos SA.

A TV news story aired on ABC news on 06 June 2021, with an article an pictures posted to ABC online.

Julie West said it had been a life-changing experience for Emily.

“It’s made her feel important, because we went to some lengths to instill in Emily she was the boss. This was her business and we were just there to help her,” Ms West said.

“When she’s got her ShredEm hat and uniform on, it puts her into a nice place of being valued.”

A large panda bear on a rock has its nose and front paws digging into a large pile of white shredded paper

Adelaide Zoo’s resident panda Fu Ni playing with shredded paper donated by ShredEm Recycling.(ABC News: Alina Eacott)

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