Micro Enterprise Project

Micro Enterprise Project (MEP) can support you to start your own small business which is aligned with your own passions, skills and situation.

If you would like to talk about how to get started

You will meet and learn from enterprise owners in the videos below, or in links to other articles, news clips and podcasts where their stories have been shared.

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Kurt Fearnley presents the Let us In podcast for ABC Podcasts with Sarah Shands. In episode 4, they tackle the issues of underemployment and underpayment for people with disabilities. They spoke to Wendy Butler and Jenny about Micro Enterprise. Listen here: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/letusin/let-us-in-episode-four/101498974 The NDIS shared Tom’s story in 2022  “No […]

Micro enterprise in the media…

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The step-by-step MEP process Discovery: Identify your skills, passions and available resources Exploration: Craft product ideas and design your business model Creation: Launch your business, test products and refine Maintenance: Monitor your business success and adjust it as needed. Watch a video that explains this step by step process. An […]

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