Circles Initiative

A Circle of Support facilitator works in partnership with a person and their family to build freely given relationships which strengthen opportunities for an inclusive life.

This happens not with the expectation that this group might not necessarily have a responsibility of “caring for” the person but with the expectation that, if asked, people might be pleased to make time and agree to join the Circle of Support to “look out for” the person.

The facilitator will get to know the person and family network and identify who may be invited in to the Circle of Support. They will approach those identified and invite them to be involved.

The Circle of Support meets regularly and works together with the person to explore and express their vision for their life.

Circles of Support facilitation will be available through your NDIS funding.

If you’re interested in learning more about, connecting with people and building friendships:

  • please get in touch with us to talk about the next steps with Circles of Support
  • Watch a range of videos to give you insight into what a Circle of Support can look like
  • read articles about the Circles Initiative and Circles of Support.

For more detailed information on Circles of Support, download the Circles of Support overview (PDF).

The CLP Circles Initiative aims to: Build and strengthen the personal networks of a person who has disability Help friends and family include the person who has disability Assist the person to identify their hopes and dreams for their future & share their interests, gifts and talents Ensure each person […]

The Circles Initiative