Neighbourhood Circles

The Neighbourhood Circles Project is part of the Inclusive Neighbourhoods Initiative and is recognised as a Very Neighbourly Organisation. Read more about the project in the Neighbourhood Circles Pamphlet.

What can you do?

  • Go to the Inclusive Neighbourhoods website For more on how  South Australians can reach out and support one another as neighbours, not only during COVID-19, but also into the future. Find the tools and the confidence to encourage neighbourliness in your community. The website will be updated regularly with stories about how neighbours and communities connect to help inspire others to take action.

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One page summary of the project The Neighbourhood Circles project is being delivered as part of the Inclusive Neighbourhoods Initiative and aims to strengthen the models for neighbourhoods where everyone has a role to play; where everyone is recognised, respected and included. This project is about exploring, strengthening, amplifying and […]

Neighbourhood Circles Project reports

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The Covid-19 pandemic enhanced people’s vulnerabilities but also the role that neighbours can play to safeguard against them. When Covid-19 lockdowns struck, people connected like never before, offering help to neighbours and rallying to support their local shops and services.  Covid-19 showed that we want to be more than individuals; […]

Introduction: Neighbourhood Circles Project