Circles of Support

The aim of a Circle of Support is to build freely given relationships which strengthen opportunities for an inclusive life.

The facilitator will get to know the person and family network and identify those who may be invited in to the Circle of Support. They will approach those identified and invite them to be involved.

The Circle of Support meets regularly and works together with the person to explore and express their vision for their life.

Circle Friends can also support families and their loved one with future planning and safeguarding.

Circles of Support facilitation can be available through your NDIS funding.

If you’re interested in learning more about building on your freely given relationships

For more detailed information on Circles of Support, download the Circles of Support overview (PDF).

3 primary school aged children at a park, smiling, with their arms draped around each other's shoulders
Circle members’ experience In this video by Community Resource Unit Ltc (CRU),  Circle Members reflect on what it means for them to be invited, included and involved involved in a circle of support.The video is 11 minutes long Being part of school & friendships Jackie and her daughter Hannah […]

Videos about being part of a circle of support

Close up of a young woman knitting, with an older woman behind her also working on a knitting project
Relationships, Circles Initiative CLP has a focus on building strong relationships and circles of support for people with disability. This video showcases the philosophy behind the Circles Initiative.The video goes for 4 minutes. Neighbourhood Circles The Inclusive Communities Neighbourhood Circles project has put together a 5.5 minute video full […]

Videos about freely given relationships and community connection