Community Living Services

Community Living Services builds your personal leadership skills as a person with disability or family member of a loved one with disability. You choose, train and direct your support staff.

Your skills can be built and strengthened through working with a CLP Community Living Facilitator using a model of mentoring, coaching and individual skill development.

CLPs Community Living Services is guided by the Seven Steps to Self-direction model (developed by Griffith University, 2018) and is built on respect for the natural authority and wisdom of the family.

The seven-steps are:

  1. Start with the person
  2. Develop the vision and plan
  3. Make a good match
  4. Learn to support the person well
  5. Build a relationship of trust
  6. Solve problems quickly and locally
  7. Check for resilience.

Service delivery is centred on practices that create opportunities for inclusion, enable right relationships and deliver assistance that is strongly aligned to the person’s individual needs and wishes.

Please call us CLP if you would like to further enquire about  Community Living Services.