Videos about being part of a circle of support

portrait, white male, short grey hair, blue framed glasses, white t-shirt under open collared check shirt

Circle members’ experience

In this video by Community Resource Unit Ltc (CRU),  Circle Members reflect on what it means for them to be invited, included and involved involved in a circle of support.
The video is 11 minutes long

3 primary school aged children at a park, smiling, with their arms draped around each other's shoulders

Being part of school & friendships

Jackie and her daughter Hannah shared their community connection story at the Imagine More National inclusion conference in Canberra in 2018. Jackie looks at ways that Hannah has become the author of her own life, the importance of valued roles and the Circle of Support initiative, and how that all translates into ‘teenager’ speak.
The presentation goes for 26 minutes.

Two adult women and a male in conversations, sitting on chairs in a lounge room with a bookcase behind them

The role of the facilitator

In this film, Circle facilitators discuss the role of facilitator and what they have learned about facilitating circles effectively.
The video is 10 minutes long

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