Videos about freely given relationships and community connection

Relationships, Circles Initiative

CLP has a focus on building strong relationships and circles of support for people with disability. This video showcases the philosophy behind the Circles Initiative.
The video goes for 4 minutes.

Close up of a young woman knitting, with an older woman behind her also working on a knitting projectNeighbourhood Circles

The Inclusive Communities Neighbourhood Circles project has put together a 5.5 minute video full of inspiring stories. This is an opportunity for you to think about what a place of inclusion and belonging might look like in your neighbourhood.
The video is 6 minutes long.

Rosefield Community Shed

Close up of hands holding tape measure on a piece of wood, Marking with a pencil. Adult man wearing a checkered shirt, face not visible.

When Trevor Harrison retired, he began spending lots of time in his backyard shed. He always had a passion for working with wood, and now he had the time to do it. But he soon discovered that hanging out at home on his own all the time was not good for the soul. So, he decided to go out and search for a sense of belonging.

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