Presentations – Discover Micro Enterprise

These presentations are being given in person as part of the Discover Micro Enterprise – Exploring Possibilities Project

They have been recorded to enable us to share these stories further, and will be of interest to anyone who is considering Micro Enterprise.

We are very proud of the way that these enterprise owners have taken on the challenge of public speaking and worked to develop their skills.

Meet the Owners – (Promo time 2:36) three women gathered infront of a powerpoint screen with photos of  food preparation

In this short promo you will meet some of the Micro Enterprise Owners who have recorded their presentations – available in full at the links below.

A young man with a beard, walking cane, hawaiian style shirt with a vintage car print and a suit jacket stands at a lectern. A screen behind him shows a photo of 3 pet dogs and trays of freshly cooked biscuitsMicro Enterprise Owner – Adrian
(Presentation time 8:40)

Hear about the development of a micro enterprise selling home made and delivered dog treats, and what Adrian’s work days look like. 

A man with a red beard, white t-shirt red flat brimmed cap and glases is speaking, with his fist waving in the air in an affirming position

Micro Enteprise Owner – Ben
(Presentation time 6:56)

Hear Ben tell the story of how he is selling t-shirts and building a community through his micro enterprise. 

a woman wearing a green winter jumper and scarf and holding a walking frame is presenting next to a screen displaying text "flowers by Fleur" and photos of flower arrangements.

Micro Enterprise Owner – Fleur
(Presentation time 8:08)

Hear how Fleur gets to use her talents and do something she loves every day when she goes to work. 

A man in a suit jacket and green t-shirt with neat grey hair is standing at a presenters stand and reading. A woman with neat grey hair and dark shirt has her body turned towards him and smiling.Micro Enterprise Owner – Jak
(Presentation time 5:38)

Hear Jak and Fiona talk about setting goals and high expectations for an ordinary life in the local community. 

A green background presentation screen with logo of an illustrated tree with coloured leaves. Photo on the right of a woman in a black sleveless top holding a box of packaged dried fruit. She has chin length curly dark blonde hair and is smiling at the camera.

Micro Enterprise Owner – Jocelynne
(Presentation time 8:46)

Learn how Jocelynne has built a strong customer base due to her quality product and the personal relationships that have developed from delivering direct to stockists. 

A man with blonde hair and dark rimmed glasses is wearing a light blue shirt and speaking, with a lapel microphone visible. A presentation screen is superimposed, showing a product brochure with the logo Greens2U

Micro Enterprise Owner – Michael
(Presentation time 7:55)

Hear Michael talk about how he turned his front yard into a productive market garden and how he found local outlets for his fresh produce. 

Two men are standing in front of a presentation screen, reading from papers on a stand. On the left the younger man is wearing a pink shirt with grey cuffs, and has neat bronwn hair. On the right an older man wearing glasses is wearing a dark grey shirt and has light grey hair.

Micro Enterprise Owner – Tom
(Presentation 9:00)

Hear how Tom had a vision for something more when he finished school, and set his sights on owning his own business. 

A woman with a bright pink long sleeved knit top and dark pink glasses is standing and speaking. She has light grey chin length hair.

Micro Enterprise Management Group Member – Liz
(Presentation time 4:02)

Liz shares insights into the role of the Enterprise Management Group who give their time freely to support the enterprise owner with business planning, decisions and recruitment.

The Discover Micro Enterprise – Exploring Possibilities Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit for more information.

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