Self-directed support

Community Living Project supports people with disabilities and their families to develop their personal leadership skills and to work towards building a good life for the future. A key way to achieve this is through supporting each person to make decisions around who works with them and to self-direct their day-to-day support.

Self-directed support is about helping the person to identify what’s important to them when recruiting their workers. It’s the person and their families who then manage their day-to-day support.

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Self-directed Support begins with assisting each person to identify what is important for them in their paid support, helping them to individually recruit workers who fit with their vision, as well as managing the workers in their day-to-day activities. This is further strengthened through the active involvement of family and […]

What is Self-directed Support?

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Community Living Project has developed a model of Self-directed Support that embraces Family Leadership. This model uses the ‘Seven Steps to self-direction’. The content of this post is also published in the Family leadership booklet The Seven Steps process gives a logical sequence of steps which build on each other. […]

Seven Steps to Self-direction