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Mary and Rachelle joined Amanda’s Circle of Support when they were teenagers. They have continued to enjoy spending time with Amanda as they’ve grown older, making time for her between their busy studies and full-time work. Recently they’ve taken important steps for safeguarding Amanda’s future. “Amanda is our cousin; she […]

Future planning with A Circle of Support

A bunch of people are meeting around a dining table, with papers and drinks in front of them. They are looking at the camera smiling. Charlie, in front, is a young adult with neat short hair, glasses and a black t-shirt with a logo. Behind him are members of his Circle of Support
Moving from the family home to a home of your own is one of the biggest things we do when the time comes to spread our wings and find our living independence from family. It can be equal parts exciting and daunting, and there are many things to consider. With […]

Exploring and Designing Home and Living

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Kurt Fearnley presents the Let us In podcast for ABC Podcasts with Sarah Shands. In episode 4, they tackle the issues of underemployment and underpayment for people with disabilities. They spoke to Wendy Butler and Jenny about Micro Enterprise. Listen here: The NDIS shared Tom’s story in 2022  “No […]

Micro enterprise in the media…

Aerial view of suburban street, rooftops and green trees and lawns. Logo ovrelay reads Inclusive communities
One page summary of the project The Neighbourhood Circles project is being delivered as part of the Inclusive Neighbourhoods Initiative and aims to strengthen the models for neighbourhoods where everyone has a role to play; where everyone is recognised, respected and included. This project is about exploring, strengthening, amplifying and […]

Neighbourhood Circles Project reports

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The Covid-19 pandemic enhanced people’s vulnerabilities but also the role that neighbours can play to safeguard against them. When Covid-19 lockdowns struck, people connected like never before, offering help to neighbours and rallying to support their local shops and services.  Covid-19 showed that we want to be more than individuals; […]

Introduction: Neighbourhood Circles Project

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Self-directed Support begins with assisting each person to identify what is important for them in their paid support, helping them to individually recruit workers who fit with their vision, as well as managing the workers in their day-to-day activities. This is further strengthened through the active involvement of family and […]

What is Self-directed Support?

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Community Living Project has developed a model of Self-directed Support that embraces Family Leadership. This model uses the ‘Seven Steps to self-direction’. The content of this post is also published in the Family leadership booklet The Seven Steps process gives a logical sequence of steps which build on each other. […]

Seven Steps to Self-direction

A vital focus of CLP is supporting families to develop their leadership skills and to increase their understanding of how to bring about positive change in the life of their family member with disability. Leadership often arises because a person with disability, family, their allies or ordinary citizens see a […]

Families leading change

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The step-by-step MEP process Discovery: Identify your skills, passions and available resources Exploration: Craft product ideas and design your business model Creation: Launch your business, test products and refine Maintenance: Monitor your business success and adjust it as needed. Watch a video that explains this step by step process. An […]

Discovery, Exploration, Creation, Operation

In this timeless article from 1996, first published by the Community Resource Unit, Michael Kendrick briefly describes some of the strengths that give authority to families when they are acting in the interests of their family member. The Natural Authority of Families, Michael Kendrick, 1996 With great regularity, consumers of services and […]

The Natural Authority of Families