Discovery, Exploration, Creation, Operation

The step-by-step MEP process

  1. Discovery: Identify your skills, passions and available resources
  2. Exploration: Craft product ideas and design your business model
  3. Creation: Launch your business, test products and refine
  4. Maintenance: Monitor your business success and adjust it as needed.

A woman with light brown hair is speaking, as if being interviewed.Watch a video that explains this step by step process.
An MEP Consultant is contracted to work with each person guiding them through a process of enterprise Discovery, Creation, Operation and Maintenance, a process that usually takes around 3-6 months. In the Discovery phase the enterprise focus (product or service) is developed via understanding the person’s gifts, talents, interests and capacities; consideration of their personal stamina to establish the hours of business and tasks to be performed.

The person uses their individualised NDIS funding and is assisted to recruit a specific paid worker in the role of Enterprise PA (personal assistant). Recruiting a PA who has skills in the particular business focus is critical and they do not undertake any other home or community support role. The PA works during the enterprise business hours assisting the owner with enterprise tasks.

Each person has an Enterprise Management Group (EMG) which includes invited community members with expertise in the enterprise focus, who give freely of their time. The EMG has an oversight management role, setting pricing of the enterprise product or service and marketing.

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