Circles of Support – introduction to facilitation

Circles Initiative works in partnership with you and your family to build freely given relationships which strengthen your opportunities for an inclusive life.

A Circle Facilitator gets to know you and your family well. They work with you to deliberately invite other people into your life with a view that they might “look out” for you over the longer term.

The Circle of Support meets regularly and works together with you to explore and express your vision for your life.

Through the Circle of Support, you will be on a path to:

  • exercising more choice, control and self-determination
  • increasing your social and community participation
  • growing your informal networks and friendships.

These things will help to safeguard you from the risk of abuse and isolation. They will bolster your family’s capacity to support you and provide a foundation for succession planning.

Circles of Support will be available through your NDIS funding.

If you’re interested in learning more about, connecting with people and building friendships, please get in touch with us to talk about the next steps with Circles. Watch a range of videos to give you insight into what a Circle of Support can look like, and read articles about Circles of Support.

For more detailed information on Circles of Support, download the Circles of Support overview (PDF).

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