Videos about valued social roles

A young soccer referree with green t-shirt and cap, ball under his arm and whistle hanging around his neckSocial Role Valorisation – A family story

Hear how Social Role Valorisation (SRV) guided Jack’s family’s planning in supporting their son into his first work role.
The video is 45 minutes long.

A woman is speaking in front of a power point presentationDarcy Elks – Valued Social Roles: Pathways to full, meaningful and inclusive lives

This presentation was delivered by Darcy Elks at Family Advocacy’s 2007 Odyssey Conference.

Key points: Most citizens enjoy a variety of valued social roles such as family member, friend, neighbour, employee, student, etc. Indeed, it is very natural for people to explore, enter and grow into many different valued roles throughout life. Yet, often we do not stop to think of the many benefits that these roles afford us and how they create many different possibilities for us in life. This video is 15 minutes long.

Title pag showing man with glasses, shaved head, wearing a bright red shirt that looks like a sport uniformNo Bias! A story of belonging

This video comes from the Belonging Matters Talks that Matter series. It shares the story of Michael Bush, and how pursuing valued roles has become a story of belonging.

The video is 6.5 minutes long.

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