The Circles Initiative

The CLP Circles Initiative aims to:

  • Build and strengthen the personal networks of a person who has disability
  • Help friends and family include the person who has disability
  • Assist the person to identify their hopes and dreams for their future & share their interests, gifts and talents
  • Ensure each person has a plan to achieve their lifestyle, hopes & dreams
  • Facilitate personal networks to come together and form a Circle of Support.

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Reasons for this initiative:

  • Most people who are vulnerable because of disability will always need someone to “look out” for them
  • They are often less able to represent themselves, to make wise decisions without good advice, to protect their interests or to speak up for themselves
  • Parents are often the only major source of guidance, support and protection. They worry about asking others to take on these roles as they feel it will burden them
  • When parents are no longer able to fill these roles there will be members of the circle who will retain knowledge of the person, their history and ambitions for their lifestyle
  • Some people may have no one except paid service workers in their lives
  • Paid services will often require that somebody holds them accountable for their support to the person. A circle would have this role
  • An effective Circle of Support can have a strong voice.

Through the Circle of Support, the person can:

  • grow their informal networks and friendships
  • exercise more choice, control and self-determination
  • increase social and community participation
  • plan for and achieve their desired lifestyle
  • identify their hopes and dreams for their future
  • share their interests, gifts and talents

These things will help to safeguard from the risk of abuse and isolation. They will bolster the family’s capacity to support the person and provide a foundation for succession planning.

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