CLP Annual report 2022-2023

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On behalf of the Board and CLP team, I welcome new families who joined us this year and sincerely thank the many families who continue to show confidence in us. We are inspired by families to continually seek improvements to the support we provide.

Once again, we acknowledge and sincerely thank our staff who have continued to excel. Their commitment, passion, resilience and character have ensured that significant challenges have been met with energy and conquered. CLP would not be what it is without these extraordinary people who not only define what we are but ensure that our value-driven ‘DNA’ remains as robust and healthy as ever.

Our new CEO was ‘greeted’ into his role this year with challenges related to Covid-19, NDIS auditing linked to re-registration, the repairs and reinstatement of an office building damaged by floodwaters, increasing budget pressures due to the phase out of the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) and changes to the Board composition. I congratulate him on the calm, balanced and energetic manner in which he took these issues on with his team and has demonstrated his abilities in pursuing positive outcomes.

A significant highlight of the year presented itself in the form of staff survey results in July. Based on a high level of staff participation, it was clear that a resounding majority of our staff see CLP as a very good employer, are happy to recommend CLP to people looking for support and feel valued and well supported by their managers.

 For their ongoing support, I express deepest thanks to Julia Farr who, through the MS McLeod Benevolent Fund are enabling continuation of the Neighbourhood Circles Project led by Sarah Faulkner. In other key projects, CLP also ran some workshops on family leadership in conjunction with JFA Purple Orange, we ran Model Coherency workshops and we’re supporting Kylie Duncis to become SAs only accredited SRV teacher.

The CLP Board is also evolving with Caroline Ellison stepping down from the Chair role at the end of May due to increasing personal and professional commitments and the departure of three other members this year. Caroline will continue to support as a Board member where she will be able to make further valuable contributions and I take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks on behalf of the many families and staff that truly appreciate her positive and committed leadership over the last 14 plus years. Regarding the other changes, Henry Elliott departs after his contributions as Treasurer, Jackie Hayes leaves us as a valued Family Rep and I’ll be vacating the Vice Chair and interim Chair role. Thanks and best wishes are extended to Henry and Jackie for their great work during the challenges of recent years. Equally, thanks are conveyed to the continuing Board members Pam Coutts as Vice Chair, Kerrie Ashcroft, Patrick Faulkner and Rebeka Touzeau for their contributions. I’m very pleased to report that we have received nominations from strong candidates to fill the Board vacancies.

CLP’s main strength lies within the many great people who make up the team. Our proven performance and track record facing the challenges of recent years fuels optimism and underpins a sound confidence in our ongoing capabilities to support improved lives for people in the future.

Best wishes to all,

Sadik Hurem

Interim Chair

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